Accepting card payments is 50% cheaper than banking a cheque

At Spectrum IT we offer various payment solutions to help you with your Point of Sale, whether it is for online transactions or an office or shop based PDQ (chip and pin) machines. We can provide you with the best payment solution for your business.

Accepting cards is paramount for all businesses, and many companies report that most of their face-to-face transactions are now using card payments. The reason for this is that banking cash and cheques has become expensive. Most banks charge fees for processing cheques and in some instances even just for depositing cash. Not to mention the cost of your time to, drive to the bank, finding that expensive car parking spot and then waiting in queues, or having to deal with an automated machine that does not all ways work.

Taking card payments has become cost effective, and it has become easier to take payments in this way rather than to accept a cheque. That is because:
1. Money is cleared into your bank account within 3 working days. No waiting for 7 working days for the cheque to clear.
2. No driving to the bank.
4. No queuing.
3. No parking fees or even fines!
4. No challenging automated teller machines to fight with.
5. Importantly reduced risk. No cheques that will bounce later. Funds are checked instantly.

HSBC* Barclays* Natwest*
Price per
30p 25p 33p
Cost per
£100 to
bank cash
65p 50p 66p

*Based on Standard Business Tariff as at June 2013

Contact Spectrum IT today regarding accepting card payments. They are more cost effective than you think. Spectrum IT will help you through the entire process. We can help you choose the correct terminal, set it up and provide training to staff. We will also help you with PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

Payment Solutions

You do not have to stop there. We can also help you with an integrated online payment solution. Take payments on your website or over the phone. We can help you with a whole range of services. Read more on our website here.