Dental X-Ray equipment – repair or replace?

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We all know that specialist IT equipment can be expensive to purchase and replace. But what happens when an intermittent fault causes you to ask that age old question: “Do I repair or replace?”

Over the last eight years, Spectrum IT have been looking after a number of dental practices in the Southampton area. We undertake everything from being a friendly IT help-desk, providing VoIP telephone lines and of course the supply, repairing and replacing of IT equipment.

For many of the medical professions, expensive specialist IT equipment is an all-to familiar necessity, especially when it comes to digital photography x-ray modules. So when one of our dental customers approached us for help, we jumped at the chance to save the practice thousands of pounds.

The Kodak RVG 6100

The piece of equipment in question was a very expensive Kodak RVG 6100, a digital photography x-ray module that is unfortunately renowned for its ability to fail. Initial signs of a problem is when the module connects and disconnects halfway through an x-ray scan and this is largely due to wear and tear of the USB cable.

Wiggling the wire close to the body of the module can allow the device to temporarily reconnect, however eventually one of the inner four wires will totally fatigue and prevent the device from connecting entirely.

When our client handed us the module, we started the task of performing the repair.

We started by opening the outer casing of the module, then carefully opened the metal soldered inner case to access the internal connections. It was then a matter of splicing the cables to re-solder the four wires, then properly insulate them and pre-test before reassembly.

Once happy with the reliability of the connection we rebuilt the casing. Unfortunately, Kodak don’t make it easy to repair these modules – the upper and lower case are tightly glued together, with the inner case soldered shut. But thanks to our years of experience using traditional solder tools and our finely honed operating skills, we were able to undertake the repair in three and a half hours.

Without our intervention, our customer would have required a replacement unit. A second-hand unit costs in the region of £2,000, and the price of a new unit costs around £6,000. You would have to ask, what would you be willing to spend: £600, or somewhere between £2,000 to £6,000?

Here to help

If you are experiencing any issues with specialist dental IT equipment, including the Kodak RVG 6100 digital photography x-ray module, then please contact Spectrum IT today, we can save you thousands of pounds with a very cost-effective repair job.

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