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Save your Company from Data Loss on World Backup Day

Don’t let your company fall foul of data loss on World Back-up Day…

Put the date in your diary: Sunday 31 March 2019 is World Backup Day, a day that Spectrum IT believe that every company should be celebrating.

Perhaps one of the scariest statistics for businesses is that 57% of companies report a critical data and/or hardware loss due to a ransomware attack. Again, over 50% of businesses are compromised by a virus attack and the unfortunate statistic is more often than not, the end user is usually responsible.

How long can your business afford to be offline?

It’s a cliché, but every business owner knows that time is money. How long can your business afford to be offline? The reality is that most businesses cannot operate without their IT services. We have become so intertwined with technology that we would not be able to operate our businesses for extended periods of time without it.

When a virus or ransomware attack or equipment failure strikes you are completely disabled and are unable to access your data. Whether it is due to human error, a lack of sophisticated protection or an incorrectly manufactured part, investment in a robust preventative and multi-layered solution is paramount to ensuring your business continuity is protected.

Spectrum Endpoint Backup (SEB):

Spectrum IT have partnered with a leading enterprise-grade cloud back-up solution that is perfect for a business of any size. It’s primary focus it to manage your most important asset: your data.
Spectrum Endpoint Backup (SEB) can help you to recover from ransomware attacks, hardware failure and other data loss scenarios. The solution is deployed, configured and managed from Spectrum’s offices. It automatically backs-up mission critical data and then reduces the risk of lost or stolen data.

It has built-in protection that stops replication of ransomware onto back-ups, a common problem for businesses that use Google’s Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. This ensures that your data is truly protected and allows quick and easy restoration of data with six months of versioning and data accessibility. As an additional option we can protect your cloud storage from accidental deletion and ransomware.

With SEB, you benefit from:

1. SEB allows you to access your back-up data online via a client portal. Spectrum centrally manage and monitor the service and securely assist you as an when required.

2. The SEB desktop application runs in the background on your business’ PCs and automatically recognise the user’s new files that need back-up, changes to existing files – a new version will then be backed-up in its entirety.

Spectrum SAAS (Software as a Service) Protection

As alluded to earlier, what happens to data saved on Google’s Drive and Microsoft’s One-Drive? Well this is a tricky one, you may think that you’re safe utilising the cloud in this manner, however in the face of a ransomware attack, you may find that these cloud solutions actually compound and replicate the problem.

Spectrum SAAS Protection is a product that adds a layer of protection to your cloud services. It intelligently scans and blocks ransomware encryption malware, but more importantly it provides a back-up solution that mirrors Spectrum’s Endpoint Backup (SEB).

If the worse happens and you fall foul of a malware or ransomware attack, your data is secure and your administrator can delete the affected data and restore it from the archive.

Another really useful feature of the Spectrum SAAS Protection integrates with Microsoft 365 and more specifically Microsoft Outlook. Our solution backs-up your emails, so if the worst happens and your mailbox corrupts, or is subject to a ransomware attack we can roll back and restore your mailbox quickly, easily and with minimal fuss and delay.

New threats are appearing all the time…

With the new threats that are affecting all industries and sectors in the UK, just look at the NHS who were crippled by a Ransomware attack in 2017 (estimated costs of that attack reached £92million), having a comprehensive, multi-levelled preventative solution available for your business is essential.

A robust back-up system is equally as important to, and should be treated, as your business’ anti-virus and firewall protection. Don’t neglect your company’s data security: Talk to Spectrum IT today about Spectrum Endpoint Backup and Spectrum SAAS Protection.

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