Disaster Recovery

Solutions for every scenario

If you encounter Cyber-attacks, equipment failures, or even the effects of natural disasters, are you prepared? Do you have security plans in place? It not, such events can have a devastating effect on your business. Whether an individual/sole-trader or a multi-national company, backing up your data is incredibly important. How long can your business/organisation afford to be ‘down’? – An hour, a day, a week? At what cost?

At Spectrum IT, we have multiple solutions to back-up your data securely to give you peace of mind, and to get you up and running to meet your business needs.

Help when the worse has happened

Perhaps you have a legacy system that still meets your needs and for whatever reason, maybe a decision has been made to keep it for economic reasons? Is the system running on an unreliable computer, or have you lost data on one of your Hard Disks? Spectrum IT can help recover your data when legacy systems fail. We are experts in the industry and may be able to recover your data or even build a system that will support your legacy software. Alternatively, perhaps you are looking to move away from your legacy system and considering integrating into new technology. We are here to help with your system architecture.

Whether backing up or recovering data, or planning for the ‘it will never happen to us’ event, give a call to the experts on 023 8098 6860.

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