Let’s face it, buying hosting, and setting it up yourself can be quite difficult and challenging. Setting everything up can take some time and in some instances be quite frustrating. Our experts have developed a product to help you solve this problem. It is called ‘Spectrum Managed Hosting’.

Spectrum IT - Managed Solutions

Through our Managed Hosting support we will help you setup your very own domain, and get you well on your way with starting a new website. We can even remotely connect to your computer and set-up your email for you, and while we are at it, we will even set-up your email on your Smart Phone, tablet and laptop.

Don’t worry, Spectrum IT also offers ongoing phone support and our experts will help you with all your website and email hosting needs.

Starting at just £25 a month, you can get our Managed Hosting support, including set-up and all the features and benefits one would expect from a professional Managed Hosting solutions provider.

Get in touch today with one of our customer service advisors to learn more!  We can we reached on 023 8098 6860 or via our ‘Contact’ page.

Spectrum IT

Spectrum IT provides a full range of dynamic and interlinked IT services. We are an IT consulting leader in bespoke and packaged IT solutions for clientele serving a variety of industries.