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If you are looking for a streamlined and optimised way to handle your point of sale transactions, whether it is online or in store, we have the solutions to help you. Our modern approach to payment solutions means that we can provide you with the means to keep your business running smoothly.


When it comes to online sales, if you don’t have the right set up, your payment solutions can leave you feeling a bit lost. It can be hard to track sales accurately and isolate the data you need in order to analyse market trends. With Spectrum IT, we can give you a personalised system which will be easily understood from a financial standpoint, and also secure and straightforward for your customers as well.

In Store or Office

Similar to the online payment solutions, it pays to know that you have a system which is up to the task and performs smoothly throughout each transaction. This is where our team can offer you PDQ (chip and pin) machines that are linked to your network. Every set up we provide is tailored to your requirements, so don’t be afraid to speak to our friendly team if you need specific elements adding to your payment solutions.

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